Hallo und herzlich willkommen, ich heisse Anna Schwarz. Ich bin neu in Berlin und möchte euch meine Vorlieben und Service einmal vorstellen.

I am a trained masseuse for various specialties. Please refer to my service offers. I am also a passionate bizarre mistress in the black and white area. Latex also finds a lot of favor with me.

You will experience me devotedly and intensively. I am also open to completely new requests.

If you plan to visit me, you can prepare yourself for a time of complete relaxation. I will touch your senses and convince you of the intimate conviction of my craft. I am versatile and playful, my hands and body are magical as well as healing and stimulating.

I have a perfect command of everything I offer.

My prices : Massages 180 Euro

Massage + session 250 Euro

Session 250 Euro

Latex session 280 Euro

Clinic session 280 Euro

Further information is available on request, or it may come up. I am very much looking forward to making your acquaintance.

Anna Schwarz





  • Dark Tantra Massage Masterclass
  • Prostate massage Masterclass
  • Traditional massage Masterclass
  • BDSM massage Masterclass
  • Bedroom Bondage Masterclass
  • Painplay Masterclass
  • BDSM games of all kinds
  • Clinic