At first you will be captivated by my naturally dominant charisma, my breathtaking beauty and the power of my words and as soon as you experience how I share my passion with you, you will fall completely under my spell.

I am a classically dominant and sadistic lady. Therefore, there is always a clear power imbalance between us during a session, which I control. It doesn't matter whether you are submissive from the ground up or whether you have a strong character that I first have to drive out. Even if we are supposedly playing together as equals, I am the only one who sets the direction. This is the only way I can authentically realize my nature and that is what you want to experience with me.

I make you beg for the affection and attention you are hoping for. I enjoy humiliating and torturing you while you admire the sparkle in my eyes. I delight in your submission and your pain, humiliate you and fuck your brain until you are completely dependent on me.

Perhaps I will restrain you until you are completely immobile, imprison you or parade you. Or I may train you to be my maid or my dog. Maybe you can feel how my enchanting feet use you. Or I fuck your ass until you just beg for more. Maybe I'll put you into a frenzy of physical pain to really savor my pure sadism. There are an infinite number of ways I can have fun. I'm looking forward to your fantasies!

There is no script for living out my passion. What happens during our time together depends on your preferences, but how I actually turn them into reality will always be a surprise and a new experience for you. You will bend to my will and happily do many things for me that are currently beyond your imagination. And all just to be able to see my satisfied smile.

In all of this, you can rely on me to respect your taboos at all times, because this is the only way I can be sure that you will let yourself go completely and accept my rules unconditionally. Of course, you can also choose not to set any limits for me. My sadism knows no limits and I love to live it out as intensely as possible.

If you haven't had much experience in BDSM yet, it will inspire me to introduce you deeper into my world and let you feel how fantastic your head cinema feels in reality. If you think you already know everything, I will show you through my natural dominance and the resulting fun of playing together that you are still a long way off.

Now all you have to do is contact me, tell me something about your preferences, fantasies and taboos and maybe you can soon look forward to an unforgettable time with me. It is advisable to make your appointment a few days in advance, as I am usually fully booked when I arrive at the studio.

Your best option for reaching me is to contact me by e-mail. It is often difficult to contact me by phone. Alternatively, you can also contact me by SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal or Threema. Due to bad experiences, I never answer calls with a suppressed number personally. But you have nothing to fear if I see your number. For reasons of discretion, I will never call you back unless we have agreed otherwise.

My interview:


I'm not going to give you a long list of my preferences here. It would be almost endless and yet never complete, because our bizarre world is too multifaceted for a few keywords. The most important things for me in our time together are your body and your mind, which I use individually and depending on the situation to realize my ideas and fantasies.

I always particularly enjoy living out my psychological sadism. One of my favorite ways of playing, which ultimately stands above all others, is Tease & Denial. This enables me to take you to limits whose existence you could not even imagine. I know your weak points after a short time and exploit them mercilessly to get you to the point where you want to do everything for me unconditionally. But don't hope that I will then be merciful and give in to your wishes and desires. That's when it really starts to be fun for me. You might get a tiny little nibble of what you're actually hoping for, because I know that I can increase your greed even further to immeasurable levels. Closeness is followed by distance. Gentleness is followed by pain. Pleasure is followed by frustration. I want to feel that your brain is about to explode, I want to see the total despair in your eyes, I want to hear you begging pitifully and I want to be mercilessly aroused by the way you suffer. You will never know when and how this game will end. Perhaps you have a spark of hope left, but I also know how to extinguish it. Are you ready to get involved?

Latex is one of my great passions. I love the incomparable feel of this second skin and have already designed and produced countless exciting outfits and utensils myself. Accordingly, it gives me a lot of pleasure to use you as my rubber toy, also as part of a long-term session or shrink-wrapped in a latex vacuum.

Even if you are a submissive slave and it brings you fulfillment to be useful for me and to satisfy my wishes and needs, we will both get our money's worth. I will educate you in the classic way with my looks and the power of my words alone or with the cane. You may serve my amusement, pamper my divine feet, clean my high heels with your tongue or enjoy my delicious champagne as a toilet. I will find many ways to use you extensively.

I would also like to mention my preference for anal challenges. I make your prostate glow and drive you into a sensual frenzy of multiple orgasms to make you feel that you are my fucking bitch. The harder you go, the more I enjoy our game.

After this small excerpt from my world, I am now curious about your preferences, which I like to combine with my versatile experiences. Our meeting is guaranteed to be an unforgettable time for both of us.