Jenni, Jennifer, an angel, a blonde - you won't guess who I am.

I don't want to tell you the whole story yet.

Red light for 2 decades and my lust is getting crazier and crazier.

I am specialized in BDSM entertainment, slavery of all kinds, latex and serious kit, so you might think - but my talents are also located in soft fetish areas.

My skills are possibly unique.

I'm like "Jeanni from the bottle", your agreed date is "rubbing the bottle", and then the unbelievable happens.

You find yourself in your new self - your dreams come true.

"Jeanni" - knows whether you're the right candidate for her when you request an appointment.

It will also help you to take the right course if you haven't managed to do so yet.

My work is always a symbiosis of you and me, whereby I can lead you into a parallel world that is foreign to you if you wish.

Encounters at eye level or a hijacking of your senses - choose between these two options.

In addition, the masochist or submissive finds a consistent master in me.

Please don't be frightened, my many attractive personalities are eager to suck your brains out. I'll make it easy, you simply won't be able to defend yourself.

I don't want to brag here, see for yourself.

I am very happy to receive e-mails, but I do not want to be disturbed by telephone. Ideally, you should use my session form :

Some of my other lifestyle fun-lovers include nylon cuddly cheeks, delicatessen gourmets, disgust training enthusiasts, diaper lovers, rectal nymphs, sissy maids, long-term prisoners in my maximum security dungeon, age play fans, real fur lovers, outdoor games, tunnel games and any other funny guys who just bring more fun into my life.

I can be particularly kinky, but it's too much for most of my guests, which is why I then call up the "normal" Jennifer. I can also be very good, I promise.

If you think you are "particularly different" and have not yet found the right mistress, please let us know, this could be a good fit.
Jennifer fulfills wishes - classic & modern BDSM education methods - always approachable but never controllable.

Jennifer Carter loves all things different and is a freak of nature.


I also enjoy playing together with my colleagues and we complement each other perfectly in sessions, so don't hesitate to send me your request.

I would like to get to know YOU ! Exactly YOU ! Dare, you would only regret not having dared!


I am a bizarre therapist & supervisor with 17 years of professional experience for:


  • Electricity expert
  • Seriouskit & Latex Expert
  • Long-term education expert
  • Group education expert
  • Clinic expert
  • Expert for meditative applications
  • Holistic applications
  • Imprisonment
  • Dungeon
  • Bondings Piercings temporary
  • Urethral games extreme with own techniques
  • Bastionade, medieval chastisement
  • CBT
  • Long-term steel bondage
  • Chaste grinding
  • Further education
  • ana*e treatments
  • Latex fetishists and other tubing & transformations
  • Bonage steel, leather & rubber
  • strict educator
  • Bi education
  • Toilet education
  • Foot eroticism
  • Mask education
  • Petplay - dog and pig desired
  • Ageplay - Stepmother - mean stepsister
  • Humiliation games
  • Micro penis amusement
  • Penis, scrotum, lip augmentation with injections
  • Baby education
  • Toilet education
  • Encounters at eye level
  • Outdoor
  • Film production


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