My thoughts are kinky and my style is unmistakably sensitive! I am Lady Natalia and when you see me for the first time, you can throw your Viagra pills in the trash - now you have me and I am a master at boosting your lost libido!

Are you already a horny goat? Excellent, we'll use every last drop of it.

Whether you're a beginner or experienced, everyone can reach a beguiling climax with me. Orgasm control through tease and denial also has a wonderful aspect of increasing pleasure immeasurably.

But don't worry, with my passion and my unyielding nature I will push you into new spheres of bizarre erotic education. Classic education is just as important to me as the white area. I wield the cane just as precisely as a needle in a needle play. Debauched clinic games are one of my specialties, just like any kind of anal lover.

Not only do I care about the health of my clinic patients, but I also achieve my deepest satisfaction through intensive punishment and teaching in play. The spectrum of my arts ranges from natural dominance and pronounced sadism to intensive toilet training. Gourmets and sniffers also get their money's worth with me. I smell wonderful for anyone who appreciates it and can produce particularly large portions of my body's own delicacies.

Do you like latex, vinyl and leather or nylon? Of course, hardly anything else makes you look hotter than an Eve costume. Let me train you to become a sissy or experience the transformation to a rubber doll, in both cases you will be available.

Of course, lovers of muscle fetish also find their muse in me. And if you ask very politely and nicely, I'll even take you between my thighs in the leg scissors.



Strap-on small to large dildos
Classical education
Spanking & Flagellation
Foot eroticism
Fragrance session
Breath control
Verbal eroticism
Nipple holder
Milking games
Clinic games to the extreme
Stimulation current & electrostimulation
Dilators/urethral dilation
Injections (e.g. testicles or breasts)
Toilet education (NS + KV)
Z**ng nutrition
Long-term education
Tease & Denail
General role-playing games
Erotic wrestling
Leg scissors & arm scissors
Adoration of the Lady

After Hour

Let the AFTER Hour begin at any time and come to me to pamper your cunt. Is your back door still virgin? Don't worry, I will passionately push you into new spheres. Enduring examinations with my fingers or a hard ride with the help of a strap-on are also among my preferences.

  • From 250€/hour.

Muscle mania

Feel my strong muscles in the duel, which is led by me and you are at my mercy.

But also very gently through gentle touches and closeness in my arms or thighs.

Be amazed while you enjoy your personal muscle show.

Either fierce competition in erotic wrestling or a spiritual haven, my muscular body can do both.

  • from 250€/hour.

Private clinic Libido

Dr. Natalia Libido is still accepting patients in her practice.

Whether you are an anxious patient or a long-term therapy - as an experienced clinician, I will examine you thoroughly and find the best possible treatment for you.

My areas of expertise include electrotherapy, oxygen reduction, rubber treatment, z**ngsents, feminization (breast augmentation) and various injections. NS therapy, but also autologous urine therapy via catheter. Needling and infusions, as well as all kinds of stretching by hand, rubber cock or speculum. Everything from soft to extreme.

  • from 280€/hour.